New supernova discovery breaks all the rules

New supernova discovery breaks all the rules: US astronomers have discovered a distant supernova, or exploded star, so large that it will force scientists to question their understanding of how certain older stars disintegrate.

When I think about news like this one it makes me wonder, how many other assumptions that we have made into laws will be broken. I like the idea research finding new things, but it also makes me wonder about those suppositions that we take for granted. For example, they say that this new discovery will not affect the theory (key word here is: “theory”) that the Universe is expanding at an uniform rate. But if this new find breaks the rule on which the theory is based on then that theory cannot be trusted to be true! And then all the other suppositions that we have made on this theory (now assumption) also break–it is like a domino effect.

Like a said before I don’t have a problem with new findings, but what worries me is the presumptuousness of scientists that force us to believe something, gets taught as truth when in fact it was all presuppositions and assumptions.

So, I beg you scientists please forgive me for losing my faith in you and your doctrines.

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  1. Hi Guys
    just passin thru’ thinking of you both, and looked at this…hmmmm
    expanding at constant rate + shrinking starts (into white dwarfs) = further away from existing stars = no new gasses from existing environment = no basis for colision of 2 stars of any type OR addiotnal gasses to aid supaNova.
    Bible writers = they understood Orion wasn’t expanding in the same was other star groups are…wonder why scientists don’t mention that? They tell you (so does the Bible) that Pleiades IS expanding though (but not at a faster rate the the other celestial environment)…lol
    I like the heavens….
    Love you guys
    SHarlene and Andrew

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