Introducing… Bump!

BumpLadies, and gentlemen it is our pleasure to introduce to you… Bump! Cathy was sure it was going to be a girl, but the ultrasound at 20 weeks left no doubt, it is a boy 😀

The thing is that Cathy was so sure it was going to be a girl, that she had only thought of girl names, and then we were left without a name for the baby. The consensus is that at this stage at externally it looks a lot like a bump, so for now, until we find a decent name for him, he is an ever growing “Bump”.

You can find more pictures of bump in the gallery. I even created an album for him!

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  1. Welcome to Bump….
    Now I wonder what Cathy might say goes Bump in the night?
    Look forward to catching up with you guys soon
    Love to you three
    Andrew, Sharlene, John and Michael

  2. Hi Bump! That’s so cool you guys! Bump is looking pretty cute! Take care of him and each other.
    Love Rel and Jared

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