Controversial New Idea: Nerves Transmit Sound, Not Electricity

Controversial New Idea: Nerves Transmit Sound, Not Electricity
“Nerves transmit sound waves through your body, not electrical pulses, according to a controversial new study that tries to explain the longstanding mystery of how anesthetics work.”

Ok, this is really radical, but the reason I’m publishing this here is because I have real interest in finding how anaesthetics work.

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  1. Interested to note:
    Sound waves don’t really exist – they are an abstract concept used to describe variations in particle pressures… usually air pressure.

    The wave/pulse theory of existence and experience is not that new, and a main contender for an explanation of the integration of relativity theory and the time continuum.
    That all matter consists of pulses, or vibrations, on a sub atomic level, is essentially already accepted. Ironically ‘crystal’ healers have accepted this since….

    Very interesting…thanks for posting. I DO need to get out more…

    Can get access to some of their funding…??

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