Big Camp 2007

We are back from Big Camp. It was quite an experience to live in a dorm room at Yarrahapinni for over a week. We wish we could have stayed in the cabin they gave us for camp set up and demolition.

I had an injury on my foot that bothered me for most of Big Camp, and I even ended up in hospital. Still recovering from that one.

Because I was doing security from 6-11 pm most nights, we were able to do stuff during the day, which was quite different from the last two years when I was flatout for most of the time.

Cathy’s parents came down from Brisbane and stayed during camp set up. Also, during one of our day trips to Coffs Harbour we met up with Cathy’s relatives there.

We also had a chance to catch up with friends at camp, and Sharlene and Andrew came to visit for a day (maybe half a day, LOL).

Griffiths Lookout

I guess the best part of camp for us was the trip we made via the Waterfall Way in Bellinger. There are several National Parks there and some of the views are incredible. I have set up a small sample of the pictures we took in the gallery.

Lastly, when we got back we were welcomed by giant puppies! Man the puppies have grown, they are still puppies at heart, but they are starting to look like dogs now. We have to thank my brother Jonathan for looking after them while we were away, and especially for picking up the doggie doo!!

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