Josué and Jemma’s Wedding

Well, it was about time I wrote something about this! As you can see from the title my little brother Josué and Jemma got married on 7 January 2007. We had to go all the way to Perth because they are living in that part of the country.

My part in the wedding was to give the talk, as I don’t have a marriage celebrant licence yet. We took quite a few pictures and we have most of them in our gallery now. So click on the thumbnail to go and see them, and leave a comment too, if you wish.

Anyway, we are very happy for you guys 🙂 Enjoy!!

More wedding pictures

For those of you that were complaining, click here to see more (lots more :) ) pictures of our wedding.

I put a shadow, a border and a watermark on the pictures, and wanted to make the thumbnails bigger, but it broke the template, and I couldn’t rebuild the older thumbs easily. So after a couple of hacks. It’s all working again, I hope.

So enjoy and leave some comments if you want. You can also rate the pictures!