Chile National Independence Day

As some of you may be aware, today is Chile National Independence Day. Viva Chile!

I haven’t been back to Chile in over 21 years, and I guess that much has changed in that time, but one thing I’m quite sure hasn’t changed and that is the great food, hmmmm. I can think of empanadas, sopaipillas (if that’s how you write it), pastel the choclo, humitas, porotos con riendas, marraquetas… man I could go on forever! (I think I’m getting hungry again)

Anyway, happy birthday Chile!
National Anthem Of Chile

Graduation day!

Today, after a lot of hard work, Cathy graduated from Certificate IV in Business Administration.

The ceremony wasn’t too boring and it was bright sunshiny day, so all in all it was a good graduation as far as graduations go.

After the photos and hellos we came back home and celebrated with an excellent meal with friends and family.

We had a special guest, Rochelle (Rellie), who also graduated and all her family was at home too.

We will post some pictures on the gallery soon.