Isaiah’s Dedication

On Sabbath Afternoon at 4.30 pm we had Isaiah Dedicated. It was a lovely time.

We were blessed to have Pr Joe Webb perform the dedication for us before he moved to QLD. We had a lot of our family and friends come and support us with this decision. Some travelling up from Sydney and down from Port Macquarie.

The University Students that Ben is working with contributed to the service with songs and a beautiful poem.

It was a very special time for us and we are very thankful to everyone that came and helped make it a memorable event. Afterwards we had a late afternoon tea.

We had the dedication in Jesmond Park as we thought it would be great to do it outside especially since the weather has been just beautiful!!

The Exodus


On Tuesday 9 May 2006 we went for a walk with our friends Bill, Theo, and their little girl Loretta. We started our walk at Caves Beach and headed South ending up at Pinney Beach. It was a really beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. We have put some pictures from our “exodus” on the gallery for you to see. I hope you like them.

Why “exodus”? Well… you’ll have to ask Bill to get an answer to that question ;)

Graduation day!

Today, after a lot of hard work, Cathy graduated from Certificate IV in Business Administration.

The ceremony wasn’t too boring and it was bright sunshiny day, so all in all it was a good graduation as far as graduations go.

After the photos and hellos we came back home and celebrated with an excellent meal with friends and family.

We had a special guest, Rochelle (Rellie), who also graduated and all her family was at home too.

We will post some pictures on the gallery soon.

Sad news from Madrid

Today was a very sad day for many people in Madrid. It is hard to find the right words to say at a moment like this, but from here I would like to send my deepest sympathy to all those people that are suffering. I do not want to be angry right now and start accusing people, but I want you to know that we are thinking and praying for you. May the love of God give you peace and strength.