Isaiah’s Dedication

On Sabbath Afternoon at 4.30 pm we had Isaiah Dedicated. It was a lovely time.

We were blessed to have Pr Joe Webb perform the dedication for us before he moved to QLD. We had a lot of our family and friends come and support us with this decision. Some travelling up from Sydney and down from Port Macquarie.

The University Students that Ben is working with contributed to the service with songs and a beautiful poem.

It was a very special time for us and we are very thankful to everyone that came and helped make it a memorable event. Afterwards we had a late afternoon tea.

We had the dedication in Jesmond Park as we thought it would be great to do it outside especially since the weather has been just beautiful!!


[thumb:109:l:t=Happily in love]Today is our 2 year anniversary!! We had a very lovely evening! I got home and Ben had gotten a couple of pots of gerberas to plant in the garden. Then I went inside and there was a beautiful bouquet of gerberas. Then I went into our room and there was another beautiful bouquet of flowers. This time roses. I felt very spoilt. We went out for tea to Lanyard Stone Grill. It was very fun. They bring your food out to you on a hot stone and you can cook it yourself. I am convinced I got more on the table and my lap than my mouth but it was a great experience. We then went out by the lake and danced to our song that we danced to at our wedding. All in all a very romantic evening. God willing, may we have many more years to come!!